G Adventures through South America: Pros and Cons.

G Adventures tours can be seen as the marmite of the travelling community. Some people see them as incredible value for money while others fail to even consider the option. Before you make any decisions, it’s important to understand what your signing up for, or potentially missing out on.

I have traveled freestyle and with an G Adventures organised tour. I want to share the pros and cons of taking a tour from my perspective. Someone who’s actually experienced each. These are all my own opinions from my personal experience.

My tour was through South America, we visited Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile.



  • It’s Effortless You really don’t have to think about anything. You get taken to where you need to be, told what time to get up, and your transport is always arranged. Completely hassle free.
  • It’s Informative Your guide is a local so they know everything about your destination. You get a unique chance to learn more about the culture as you inevitably befriend your guide over the course of the tour.
  • It’s busy Everyday there are activities whether included or optional.
  • You see more in less time Your itinerary is strict so you can’t miss the bus because your hungover. You move everyday and reach more destinations than you would have if you traveled freestyle. Unless of course you’re incredibly well organised and you can keep to a strict itinerary.
  • There are limited language barriers Because your guide speaks the language, all the common communication issues that occur are taken away. In South America for example, I do not speak Spanish and English was limited. Situations like border crossings were really simple.


  • Limited free time You have some free time to explore but only what the tour has scheduled for you.
  • Lack of personal involvement This also relates to the first pro. Because you don’t have to worry about getting from A to B, you may not take much notice of where you’re actually going and the distances you’ve crossed. Looking back, I struggle to remember the itinerary.
  • It’s really fast paced This again could be a personal preference, but I found the whole experience to have gone by in a blur. We had an incredible time, but being so busy meant limited time to chill and take it all in.
  • You can’t chose your group I would say mostly this isn’t a problem. I have heard that once, someone was a single in a group with only couples. This could be a bit crappy. My group however, was awesome. We all got along from day one and I couldn’t have asked for better people.

When I eventually do make it back to South America, I will travel freestyle. In no way do I regret this tour, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I just wouldn’t choose one again in South America now that I’ve experienced travelling at my own pace.

At the time, I had never travelled alone and I had never left Europe. Safe to say, when I landed alone in Buenos Aires it was pretty scary! I was very thankful for a tour and a local guide.

It comes down to personal preference, you can always travel freestyle then choose to do a tour for some of the time you have. You’ll still travel alone but you’ll get to see a bit more of a country that otherwise you might not have seen.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading share if you like!


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