Our Story

To introduce ourselves, we are Charlie and Zara, two care free twenty-somethings who were lucky enough to find each other and fall in love.

Way back in 2013, we met at a party and even though we didn’t know each other, we chatted for hours and promised each other that one day we would see the world together. Two years later, that drunken ramble became a reality.¬†We booked a flight, made saving money our priority and 10 months later we were off!

We set out a plan and managed to achieve our life long dream, to see the world. We aim to see as much as we possibly can, from well traveled cities to the more obscure, hidden-away wonders this planet has to offer.

One day, when our feet are tired and our backpacks are worn, we’ll settle somewhere we love and hopefully build our own bed & breakfast. That’s our dream and we are chasing it!

To help build this future for ourselves and pass on some hard learned lessons, we created The Carefree Couple.

We hope you enjoy it.


Our Route

When travelling, plans are almost guaranteed to change. In the UK, our plan was as follows:

UK –> Singapore –> Malaysia –> Thailand (South) –> Cambodia –> Vietnam –> Laos –> Thailand¬† (North) –> Myanmar –> India –> Sri Lanka –> New Zealand –> Australia –> Americas –>unknown

We are currently in New Zealand and the only major change to our above plan was Indonesia instead of Sri Lanka.