Why Picton Shouldn’t be Overlooked: How to Spend Two Perfect Days

If you’ve only got 2 days to enjoy Marlborough, there’s no where better to stay than in the beautiful town of Picton. OK the town itself isn’t exactly Paris, but it’s accessible, lively and there is plenty of accommodation to choose from.

Once you make it out of the town, you realize there is far more on offer than just an overnight stay before or after your ferry. Marlborough Sounds itself is stunning, Blenheim is only a short drive away and Picton has some great food and nightlife options.


The popular Queen Charlotte’s Track is also easily accessible from Picton. With so many tour operators in and around the waterfront, bookings and inquiries are only too easy to make.

Here is a short run down on what to do and how to do it. You’ll make the most out of your time in Picton and see way beyond the transit reputation this town has been given.

Day one

Queen Charlotte Track

Pick a section of the Queen Charlotte track to hike. The most popular day walk is Ships Cove to Furneaux. The walk takes approximately 5 hours depending on how fast you walk and how many stops you take.

We had 3 or 4 10/15 minute stops, we left Ships Cove at 10am and arrived to Furneaux for 2:30pm.

Queen Charlotte Track

The beginning of the track from ships cove is fairly steep and tough going but it levels out after around 20 minutes. You’re then able to enjoy incredible views of the sounds from here on in and the track is much more easy going. Once you reach Furneaux Lodge, you can relax by the water with a nice cold beer!

There are other options for walks in and around Picton. However, choosing a section of the Queen Charlotte track, gives you a chance to board a boat and cruise through the sounds which is a highlight. If you’re lucky, you might see dolphins on your way to or from your drop off point too!

Price: $83

Duration: 6/7 hours


Day two

Picton Winery

It’d be a crime not to taste some local Marlborough wines when so close to Blenheim. You’ll find yourself lost in a sea of vineyards nestled in the valley as far as the eye can see. Marlborough is well known for producing some of the worlds finest Sauvignon Blanc. The warm summer days and chilly nights make this the perfect climate for producing this wine.

Many wineries ship internationally and have received many prestigious awards dating back to like 1980s. Sounds Connection will pick you up from Picton at no extra cost and take you to a selection of some of the finest wineries in the area.

Picton Winery

Our lovely tour guide Don, included a brilliant selection of wineries. Each boasted a unique history and individual inspiration making each one different from the last.

Depending on how well you like your wine you may find the discussion slightly pretentious or very informative. It’s certainly interesting and you’ll be sure to learn something new.

At the end, Don was kind enough to allow us a visit to a small cheesery and we ended our full day at a chocolate factory.


Duration: 7.5 hours approx

Breakfast & Dinner options

Gustos along the high street make the best coffee in town. Wave Restaurant make a killer Eggs Benny. Oxleys make great pizza and on Thursdays it’s 2 for 1.

For nightlife, Oxleys is open late as is the Irish bar Seamus’. Finally, it may not look like much but Thai Food, on the street parallel to the high street, believe it or not sells great Thai food!

Where to stay

For a friendly backpackers, Sequoia Lodge is perfect. Escape To Picton is best for a beautiful boutique option. If your camping or have your van, Top 10 is always a winner!

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